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Thanks for taking an interest in me! There's an easy way to get to know me better: take a day off, travel to Buochs, look for a luscious meadow or another lovely spot and enjoy the wonderful air and the beautiful surroundings. This is what my ancestors did over 600 years ago, settling as the "a de Matt" family in the canton of Nidwalden. Now there are almost 6000 Odermatts residing in Switzerland. Regardless of whether they are footballers, crime scene photographers or directors: almost all of them come from Central Switzerland. And all of them love where they come from. Myself included. It's why I still live at home in Buochs with my parents Priska and Walti and my sister Alina. Nothing but Odermatts!

meinpersoenlichesabc odermattA is for Adelboden: a highlight of the season for me as a giant slalom skier.

B is for Bari: our Swiss Ski team mate and my good friend Gian-Luca Barandun was taken too soon. Bari will always be in our hearts.

C is for CH: "Confoederatio Helvetica" to those who know Latin and simply the wonderful Switzerland to me as someone who does not speak Latin!

D is for doing the right things, doing things right and doing them with friends: my heart belongs to skiing.

E is for Engelberg: Mount Titlis has been my incredible local mountain since attending a sports-focussed gymnasium in Engelberg.

F is for friends: at home, I'm not just "the skier", but someone who likes to switch off and do lots of great things with his true friends.

G is for my godfather Paul, one of my biggest fans – my dad's brother is the president of my fan club and has a great eye for detail.

Skiclub HergiswilH is for Helvetia. For all those who have no H in the language, “elvetia” is Switzerland. For me, of course, H also brings to mind SC Hergiswil, my ski club!

I is for singing the national anthem with real intensity: I'm no virtuoso, but I do sing the national anthem with a lot of passion. I hope I have further opportunities to do so.

J is for the 2018 Junior World Championships in Davos: yesterday's successes do not count for anything today but they really spur me on to do well in future.

K as in kick: my main sponsor Red Bull gives me wings, gives me the kick I need at important moments.

L is for laughter is healthy. No secret recipe, but what has been passed on to youngsters for generations has some truth in it.

M is Mediterranean. In other words: in the summer, you will often find me by the sea.

Kanton NidwaldenN is for Nidwalden: I proudly wear the emblem of my home canton on my helmet – even though we don't have a sea.

O is for Odermatt: my ancestors settled in Central Switzerland as the "A de Matt" family 600 years ago. Good choice.

P is for performance-driven: I give every training session and every race my absolute all. I owe this to myself and my fantastic fans.

Q is for "quite" mad about sport! I have become friends with lots of athletes from a wide range of sports and I keep my fingers crossed for all of them!

R is for "riding up with Garaventa and racing back down with Stöckli". This universal principle of what goes up must come down certainly applies in Central Switzerland.

swissskiS is for Swiss Ski: my national association and its fantastic employees. Thank you for your work on the pistes as well as at your headquarters in Bern.

T is for skiing in tonnes of top-class snow – a truly indescribable feeling that you have to experience yourself. Please always observe the avalanche warning signs.

U is for my unswerving ambition to make the top 30: I want to establish myself in the World Cup with each step I take. It's a case of heading in the right direction, slowly but surely.

V is for valour! There's no place for fear on the slopes – you just have to go for it or you'll lose before you even begin.

W is for water: living in Buochs, I enjoy both the nearby mountains and Lake Lucerne.

X is for eXcellent health: the most important thing in life. Without good health, we don't have anything.

Y is for Generation Y, whose outlook and attitude I typify in my dream job as a skier: it's about improvisation but remaining true to yourself as well. A generation associated with new media, social networks, leisure time and a certain lifestyle.

Z is for Zen or the calmness I enjoy at home: there's no place like it! Thank you mum, dad and sis Alina!



Name Marco Odermatt
Date of birth 8 October 1997
Height and weight 184 cm and 83 kg
Ski club Ski Club Hergiswil NW
Team Swiss Ski national team
Hobbies Sports in general (football, swimming, powder skiing), meeting up with friends


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