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“Like us, Marco is a reliable asset and embodies Swiss quality” 

Marco Odermatt brought us a wealth of amazing moments in the 2020/2021 season with two World Cup race wins and second place in the overall World Cup as well as the super-G and giant slalom disciplines. He had an outstanding season. So what did his Premium Partner think of it?

We can probably agree that Marco had an amazing season. But hand on heart, would you have expected him to make these kinds of strides back at the start of the season?

Markus Wirth, CEO & Owner, Waldis Tresore: Well, yes and no. We all know that Marco has the potential to make the leap to the top of the world rankings. And the season opener in Sölden went really well and showed a great deal of promise. But you still need everything to come together, your fitness and the conditions for example, before you can finally get amongst the contenders to win the overall World Cup. I wouldn't have asked that of a young athlete like him – and wouldn't have expected it either. Marco’s performance is even more impressive as this unique winter we’ve had with all of its disruption has seen routine play a particularly important role and become an additional advantage.

What moment from the season has particularly stuck with you?

Markus Wirth: In general, I really liked Marco’s second runs. He always managed to make massive improvements. But one particular race? I’ve never been more impressed by a fourth place than I was by Marco’s at the World Cup downhill at Cortina d’Ampezzo on 21 February. His time on the difficult slope was exactly the same as Dominik Paris’s. Fantastic. 

A word about you as a Premium Partner: what sector does your company operate in?

Markus Wirth: Our slogan is “The best for everything of value” – we want to be a reliable asset, just like Marco is in sporting terms. Companies use our safes, vaults and reinforced doors, to name just a few of our products, but they are most popular amongst private customers, making up two thirds of our sales. Our expertise and Swiss quality products are beloved both here in Switzerland and abroad on account of their excellent security features and beautiful designs. 

Great swathes of the economy have suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic. How has your company fared? 

Markus Wirth: Compared with other sectors, we really can't complain. We have made it through the pandemic safely, but may have a little catching up to do. We are offering our consulting and sales services online a lot more now. Most people see that as a positive development. And if customers want it that way, I’m happy to do it. But for me, sales – like sport – has an emotional component too. I have really missed the contact with customers, advising and discussing things with them. For me, it’s an important part of our commitment to quality.

How have your employees, and your customers, reacted to your partnership with Marco Odermatt? 

Markus Wirth: We have received a lot of feedback from our employees, all of it positive, and our business partners and customers have been impressed too. As we only joined the Premium Partner family in 2021, we really expect things to kick off in the autumn. We’re ready for it…

Looking ahead: what do you expect to see from Marco Odermatt in the coming season? 

Markus Wirth: I used to be a competitive skier myself (at a much lower level of course) and helped to organise the World Cup races in Ebnat-Kappel with Skiclub Ulisbach. So I have some idea of how much it will take for Marco just to repeat his recent top results. He still has many years of elite level sport ahead of him and – from our point of view – time is on his side. But like all elite athletes, Marco will want to take another step forwards and achieve more. So, my prediction: Marco will confirm his status as a contender for a podium place in every race and will achieve something unexpected at least twice. Why not in Beijing in February?

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