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Loïc Meillard & Marco Odermatt

May 8, 2022

You'll start running with thousands of people around the world at the exact same time. You'll run as far as you can until the Catcher Car passes you.

Reusch and Marco Odermatt: Living a great partnership every day.

The pioneer spirit lives on

Archive of the most important media reports.

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Visit to Salomon's headquarters in Annecy.

Production Stöckli Laser WRT

Get even closer to the action with insights into Marco's past, present and future.

A brief look at me, my interests and where I come from.

I feel very fortunate to have partnerships with various regional, national and international companies. Special thanks go to my main sponsor, Red Bull, and I would also like to give my heartfelt thanks to my other sponsors, suppliers, supporters and patrons!

Yesterday's successes do not count for anything today; the next step is always the most important. Learn more about my achievements so far.

I am incredibly proud of my fan club. The moral – and loud! – support my fans give me is such a joy and truly spurs me on.

Success is never achieved alone. I am so very grateful that I have had people around me from a very young age who have wholeheartedly supported me on my journey. Of course, my biggest thanks go to my family. My "Wall of Fame" is my way of picking out and thanking just some of the countless people who have supported me throughout the years. Thank you all so much!

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